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Kings, Queens and Creatures

February 20, 2018

American artist, Eric Polise, will be showcasing his solo exhibition this Friday (23/2/18) at Studio 73 ,you wont want to miss it!. Having participated in group exhibitions with the likes of famed artist Michael Alig, AKA The notorious character whose life story was the subject of the movie, Party Monster; as well as famed serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Eric has decided it is time for him to have his own solo show.


How does an American artist end up having his own solo show in Brixton, London...? Turns out, Eric exhibited at the Pancakes and Booze show last year where he met Studio 73 owner, Adrian Flower. The two bonded instantly, with Adrian becoming not only a fan of Eric's work but also a friend.  A date was set for February 23,  fast forward a couple of months, Kings, Queens and Creatures was born. What I love about their working relationship is that Adrian clearly has a deep respect for Eric's work, allowing him to not only create his own solo show but to project his vision directly into his studio. 


Was the Pancakes and Booze art show your first time in London?

I have been in London a few times previously however as it relates to art shows that I have done I was here for the February 2017 “Pancakes & Booze” group show which was very successful. I worked with other great artists from London to create a show in The Studio Spaces. 

Did that exhibition elevate your career in any way?

The Panckaes and Booze Show elevated my career in the sense that I met amazing artists and secured a solo show which for me is the greatest adventure. I truly enjoy solo shows in the sense that I can deliver a show that is based absolutely on my own vision without compromise. As my work becomes more well known I feel that I am creating my own visual brand.


What makes Studio 73 an appropriate venue for your art? 

Studio 73 is going to be a great space for the show in the sense that it is a compact space where the 42 paintings will fill every space and provide the viewers with an all consuming experience which will show the inner workings of my mind.


Tell us the meaning behind the title of your exhibition, Kings, Queens and Creatures.


 is a show dedicated to the Monarchy system of London and the UK.  This show was primarily constructed with a London Theme so o wanted to incorporate Kings, Queens and other creatures such as Jack The Ripper and Sherlock Holmes to name a few. Creatures are of course included because we are all simply creatures.

What do you hope to achieve with this show?

From this show I hope to accomplish establishing a connection to the London Art scene that can evolve into new shows in the future. While I am in London this time my aim is to secure continued interest in my work by both audience and galleries. I will be actively seeking out future Gallery representation in London and always looking to expand my audience. 


How are you feeling about your upcoming show? Do you have any expectations?

I am feeling extremely positive about the show because I can count on Adrian Flower and the Studio 73 crew to put on a great show. Those Londoners who venture out to the show will discover a new artist to follow along all of the twists and turns of my career’s journey.

As far as expectations are concerned I mindfully choose to let the adventure run in any direction it  happens to go. No expectations at all.


How would you explain your artistic style to someone who knows nothing about art?

I feel that my artistic style could be summarized as a street artist that has been captured on canvas depicting individual scenes describing the modern world and all of its absurdity. There is certainly a common thread in my work which consistently revolves around the absurd  astute of our social constructs. Humans have quite possibly over stayed their welcome on this amazing planet. Between consumerism and greed with a pinch of self promotion we have successfully led ourselves down a dead end road. Major change will be necessary to remedy the situation.


I utilized for this show a progression into mixed media In which I mix my old school painting techniques in combination with computer designed images altered and sized as necessary to control the flow and overall balance of the piece. To say it another way. For this show I used timeless techniques of applying pigment through brushes in combination with sophisticated machines of reproduction otherwise known as printers and photoshop. The possibilities are endless with this combination of techniques. “Kings, Queens and Creatures” was the first attempt at this new direction in my work. I believe it was successful however I am sure it will improve greatly in the future.


What do you enjoy about the London art scene?

London is truly a world class experience. The people are hip and sophisticated at the same time. Great history and great art. Probably the greatest thing about The London Art Scene is a great diversity which is evident in its very diverse artwork. I want to work with as many talented London artists and curators/galleries as possible.


Do you plan to come back?

I will definitely be back. At this time I have not signed on to any shows in London but upon completion of “Kings, Queens And Creatures” I will actively seek out a new show for 2019! I will definitely be back.










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