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Altair Ferreira x Mother Nature

March 28, 2018

My name is Altair Ferreira, I am from Sao. Paulo, Brazil the Big City! Regardless of it being a big Metropolis in its totality, I have always had the opportunity to connect and experience nature. 


I have always lived with nature and I think we are part of it. Our essences are the same: atoms and molecules interacting to form different systems. 


My work is a form of reverence to Her. Living in Brazil,  I was able to develop a kind of artistic expression detailing the relationship between humans and nature, focusing particularly on nature´s interactivity in its biodiversity.

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I like to play with the people´s imagination; I like to tease them, showing them the importance of nature in our lives. I'm trying to express the communicability between imagination, creativity, surreal art and sustainability.

It was never my intention to become a collage artist, it simply happened. Thinking about it, maybe, it's because I wanted to see art in a non-conventional way.


For me collage art is a composition or a play whose creation depends on a motive or an image; it comes through the imagination, an expression of  the feelings of the artist.


All of my pieces are inspired by specific themes. It's impossible to have

ONE favourite piece, but many.


My inspiration tends to come after I've created the first collage, followed by a selection of two or more pieces based on the same theme.


I tend to work on a series for 2/3 days, sometimes longer depending on complexity of the theme.


Being a sustainable artists is very important to me because, it makes it possible to bring real contributions to our society.


Especially now that there is a trend, nowadays, of making correlations between the world of art and sustainability.


Many artists have involved their productions, either directly or indirectly to the source of sustainability. Being so, it means to express and merge creative ideas with resources set on interdependent variables.





Thank you friends.

Altair Ferreira

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June 9, 2018

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